Savannah Mitsubishi
Savannah Mitsubishi believes that robust Art and Business industries are essential to healthy, vibrant communities. The Savannah area provides a fertile ground for young artists, entrepreneurs, and future leaders. The [S]3 youth filmmaking contest promotes this idea by giving young people a creative way to explore and experiment with their ideas and storytelling skills which strengthen our community. We are proud to support this new initiative and believe it IS the start of something big.


savfilfestSavannah Film Festival
SCAD presents the annual festival, filled with cinematic creativity from both award-winning professionals and emerging student filmmakers. Each year more than 40,000 people attend the eight-day Savannah Film Festival. The festival is host to a wide variety of competition film screenings, special screenings, workshops, panels, and lectures.

nmNoble Mouse
We are designers, developers, storytellers & terrible dancers. We’re Noble Mouse.
Noble Mouse adapts, adopts and creates new ways to help spread the word about the brands we rep. People call us in for any number of reasons: comprehensive marketing campaigns, website development, content production, social media campaigns or re-branding efforts.

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